Monday, November 26, 2012

Chicago Trip Thanksgiving 2012

We just returned from a wonderful week in Chicago! We're all filled up on PIZZA, Baby Gifts, and love from friends and family. Always SOO good to be back! 

Yeah Friends! 
Me & Melissa

Leah, Me, Greta, Stephanie

All expecting babes in 2013! Greta, Me, Annie, Stephanie

Jon testing out the gift of the "Sophie" teether toy

Baby Shower in Naperville

Everything was ADORABLE! Baby's nursery is primary colors, hence the matching decor at the shower. Also, I loved the Whale theme .....I might even have to incorporate that into the nursery too! 
Forever friends! Known all these ladies since childhood. LOVE you gals!
(Andrea, Britt, Becky, Me, Laura, Rachel, Abbi)

Me, Andrea, Abs & Crosbi
Martie  (MIL), Linda (Mom), Me,
Steph (pseudo sister in town from California), Mary (Pseudo Mom also  in town from California),
Katie (Sister In Law) 
Stephanie & Me

Laura and her fabulous diaper cake- still impressed! 

Thanksgiving & More
The Thanksgiving Tables.
This is a panoramic photo Jon took ..... don't mind the  double headed man and creepy floating hands! 
Post Dinner Wi Dance Competition

Celebrating Beatrice's 5th Birthday 

And of course, Nathan's 1/2 Birthday

Puzzle Time

Pancake Time
Pizza Time! 

Photo Shoot @ 26 Weeks

 Thankful for all the celebrating with our friends & loved ones in the Midwest.  Chicago and the burbs will always feel like home to me, and the Holiday season never feels complete without a trip home! We got a good taste of winter as it dropped to 28 degrees... I have to admit, I forgot how much I genuinely dislike Winter! I am such a wuss, and probably even more so now that I am not used to it! Although my roots are in Chi-Town, I don't mind calling Santa Barbara home now too. I am realizing that the warm weather and beautiful surroundings are not a bad "second" home.... and of course, there are some great people here too :) They say home is where the heart is and I think my heart is finally feeling more at peace sharing space with California. Now if we could just find a way to skip that 4 hour flight.... and I could have it all that would be great! 


the Ecclestons said...

LOVED seeing you sweet friend, even if just for a moment!!!! So glad you got home for a recharge, now just waiting for the news of that baby boy!!!!!

Melissa said...

I totally understand the challenge and blessing of having two homes. Thanks for making time for us during your whirlwind trip. Love you and LOVED seeing you!

Angie said...

Glad you had such a good trip, and I love seeing your family. Made me miss Chicago, too!