Friday, October 28, 2011

Belly Shot #1

Ok, I finally surrendered to a belly pic. Here I am at about 20 weeks. Not the best shot, but it will do the trick for all your curious minds. My Mom was in town this week and she was also eager to capture the belly on film. It was very fun to have her here. We went on a little maternity spree which was quite the surreal experience. Pulling on those pants with panels for the first time .... well here we go, I guess I'm not getting any smaller! I swear maternity clothes are designed to make you look MORE pregnant. The clothes in photo are maternity and I think they do a good job showing off the baby bump. I still have a decent amount of clothes I can wear that don't make me look pregnant, but I'm getting to the point where I figure I might as well be out and proud :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Blue!

It's a BOY! The doctor said he was 100% sure.... bold statement, but we will take his word for it. We decided to have some fun with sharing the news and had some friends over for a "surprise sex cake". We colored frosting on the inside of the cake according to Baby P's sex. Which let me tell you it is not easy to cover that up from the outside with white frosting. I recommend chocolate frosting to anyone else who wants to make a "sex cake". We had our friends wear pink(or purple) or blue corresponding to their guess of what the baby was. Our friend, David S., had the birthday closest to our due date so we let him cut the cake. Jon took a little video and here it is.

The 3D ultrasound was just as amazing as everybody says it is. It was so cool to be able to watch him scan the little boy from head to toes, inside and out. I had no idea that they could even look inside to the heart and brain. Dr. wants to see me again in one month due to a very minor concern about the separation between two layers of the placenta that should be fused together by now, but I'm not going to go into detail about that. We are just saying our prayers that everything will be ok and that God is watching over Baby P. All of his vitals, etc, looked great so we were very happy to hear that!
Above: Head with arm wrapped around it
Below: Head, umbilical cord and other stuff

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthdays to Us

Well September has come and gone and I have managed to get 1/2 way through October without posting anything about all our September milestones. It was a busy month as usual- we both have birthdays in September and it is also our wedding anniversary. It also tends to be a busy time of year with work for both of us, so the month flew by!

Our celebrations were small and low key this year. We figured we have enough going on with expecting a baby this coming year. We are also taking a trip to Hawaii in November, so that will be time for us to celebrate lots of things! Plus, Jon had his big thrills last year for his 30th Birthday and mine is awaiting NEXT year, so we did not feel the need to go all out. We enjoyed time out with some of our closest friends and hosted a game night at our place mid-month. For our anniversary we ended up spontaneously playing mini golf ( I ALMOST beat Jon...and I had 3 holes in one!) and going to dinner. This year marked 7 years of marriage for us. Here are a couple of photos from September 2012.