Friday, February 15, 2008

Fact/Site of the Day

Check out this site if you are interested in child development or work with kids. Gives an overview of racial development in children and some ideas for incorporating this into work with children.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I fell behind on the facts! Thanks to my supervisor for reminding me today- here are a few to make up for missed time.

Today, February 13th-The Renaissance, the first Black pro basketball team, was organized in 1923.

The Banjo originated in Africa, and up until the 1800s was considered an instrument only played by Blacks.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Black History Month

We are half way through February- Black History Month. Since I am passionate about Black culture, Africa, the history of race relations, and racial awareness....I have decided to start posting some interesting "facts of the day" throughout the rest of February. Seems like a good time to do so! So here is #1:

The difference in skin color between black and whites is however a minor genetic difference accounting for just one letter in 3.1 billion letters of DNA.

A great site to help us remember:

Saturday, February 2, 2008

300 pages by Monday...I should be reading....

Instead I am posting. Things are proving to be very hectic for us in the new year. We are constantly striving to figure out how to best love one another, love others, and take care of ourselves. It is true I thrive off a full life and busy schedule, but right now it is a little fuller than I prefer! Every day brings up the same struggle trying to keep things in perspective, and trust God with our time and money. (Both of which there is a lack of!) These days I find myself constantly stuck in feeling stressed or worrying, unless I take the time to sit back and give it all to God. Thankfully, once I do, I am always comforted and reminded that nothing I do matters unless I do it for his glory. All I should worry about is how to live in this light, and honor God with my choices.

I am not saying this is easy, it isn't. Even as I sat to write this my head was spinning with a million things I need to do, and I am sure within 24 hours these feelings of stress will rise back up. But I am re-learning how to ground myself in faith daily. There is no other way to live.

On a more FUN note- here are some pics from the past couple weeks!
Happy Birthday to Greta!
We got to go see Wicked for Free!! No complaints there. I know it has been out forever, but we hadn't made it there yet. I agree with the folks who say it is amazing! We really enjoyed it.
And yes the weather has been lovely....