Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Coming Out of the Cave

This past weekend was well spent. The past few weekends have been! Our high level of social involvement has made us very proud of ourselves and happy. I must say, I think the summer brings us out an incredible and ridiculous way. It is no coincidence that suddenly when the weather gets warmer and the layers of clothes get lighter, we ourselves seem to feel brighter and more inspired. So does this mean we move to California you might ask if you know us well. We wish. No moves anytime soon (we don't think!) However, it has made us realize how much we thrive on opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. For us this may mean on any given day; running through a forest preserve, grilling, sitting outside with a glass of wine or a beer, walking the dog more, outdoor dining with friends, shorts and t-shirts, going to the lake, actually getting out and enjoying Chicago landmarks, camping, or yard work. Ahhh these things make us so happy. Now if the Cicadas and rain would stay away we would be all set.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement relating to my last post. There really isn't much of an update regarding internships. I am still in the midst of securing a placement for the fall.
I am however feeling much calmer and patient about the whole situation. I will still be graduating in May '08. I decided rushing graduate school was not the best idea. Really, what it comes down to is I wish I would have done this full time from day 1. However, the past is what it is. I have to remember that I made the choice to do it part time because that was best for us at the time of decision.
So now- God is just teaching me to be patient. I have to continually remind myself I will have the rest of my life to be working and I am only 24. Again, 24- so young. God is reminding me of how much can happen in days, months, years, and that I need to take one day at a time and rely on him for my fulfillment and contentment in life. I can't get so caught up with the plan for my life, and just put my money where my mouth is and relax. God will open and close doors- and I just need to wait and seek his guidance as far as where I will end up interning and getting jobs and all that.
I haven't posted in awhile- so I figured I would share a little :) Have a Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Can I please just have a consistent life for 6 months? 3 even?

Why is it that just when I find myself getting into a normal routine- I have to figure out a new one! Classes change, jobs change, internships change-I am irritated. For those of you who may not know- getting this past field placement was a nightmare! It turned out great, I am at an internship I love. However, due to the delay in placing me here, I lost out on time to be placed for my SECOND year placement. I would just like to point out, this means I am getting screwed over not only once, but twice. Couldn't figure out the 2nd level till the first was done... and so therefore I end up behind and left out of placements again.....

I have many decisions to make (again) regarding school. Do I want to stay at my placement or find a new one? A new one means: Do I want to commute far into the suburbs for a good opportunity? Do I really want to scrounge up 3 letters of recommendation? Staying here may mean: I could possibly jam load my schedule a graduate a semester early. I know I like it here. HOWEVER, there is a lot of down time, I will never get my own case load, and I won't be broadening my horizons and experiencing other agencies. Part of all this seems like the choice to be comfortable. There other part of that though is how much stress do I really want to add to my life?

Ok here is the other piece of the pie that I can't get out of my head... internships often lead to jobs..... See there are just too many factors! For those of you who have a job that you are happy and content going to everyday- say a prayer of thanksgiving. For those of you who feel like there is a never ending spiral of choices and changes in front of you..... we will all figure things out someday (i hope!)

How bout a vote:
Stacy- Stay where you are and possibly graduate early?
Stacy- Stick with the plan to graduate in May 08 and suck it up and commute to an agency that will offer new opportunity and experience?