Monday, September 22, 2008

Just a little post to say we are here! It has been a crazy few weeks filled with flooding, work events, and birthday celebrations! Happy Belated Birthday to me :) And Happy Birthday to Jon- coming up on the 30th.

I think it is funny that I tend to forget our actual ages- since I am the baby of most of my friends I usually naturally round up for the last few months of the year. And I don't know why I can't ever accurately state how old my husband is... I even posted it wrong on an evite, opps! Anyway, for those of you who are curious- I am now 26 and Jon will be 28.

We are trying our best to squeeze in as much running as possible! I am actually very excited to take on the whole 26.2, but I also know it will not be pleasant. I have not been as diligent as I should've been about training. I'm sorry- but once you have been running for over 2 hours you start to think about all the other things that need to get done. Training for this whooper sort of can take over your life! I think I have decided that I am more of a 1/2 marathon person. BUT I will have to convince myself I am actually a marathon person for the next month! Jon is still hangin in there- he doesn't really like running. Kind of funny isn't it. Someone who doesn't like running signed up to run a marathon- ha! Well, it was his idea, I promise. He asked me the other night if once I finish the race, I will come back and finish the rest with him.... I love you dear, but I don't think I will quite have it in me to turn around and start running again! I have been known to do that in 5k's but that is a bit different. I determined to finish this race, and I do have a goal in mind, but it isn't going to be painless. I am actually planning on it being quite painful. Which is why I think I will resort back to 1/2 marathons from here on out. But, I could be wrong- maybe it will be AWESOME! Anyway, we will both cross that finish line one way or another!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Seattle 08

We had a great time in Seattle last week! Who knew we really so many people in Seattle! Really, it was a little crazy to realize how many connections we have there.

Below: Peterson Family- Chris, Aurora, Sage, Erik, and Torston
Above: Tim & Sandra, Us, & Austin

Above: Austin, Jon, and Alison (Ali, Al, etc.)
Below: Deanne & Jon
Above: Welcoming Britta to Seattle! Good Luck with Law School!!

It was wonderful to spend time with our nieces and nephew- and of course, their parents Erik and Chris! We finally met Torston, our nephew, I can't believe it has been 9 months! He is a pretty cute little fellow with his tow head, huh? I never expected to be such a sucker for a little blondy! I am always the one who makes fun of my "Swede" friends and family. Maybe I am biased cause he is my nephew, or maybe because he looks just like Jon did as a baby.... but I think he is one cute little booger!
Ali and Austin were amazing hosts for the week! It was so refreshing to just be with one of my bestest buds in her home and in her life. Each night we all stayed up far too late telling stories, laughing at random jokes, sharing secrets, and just enjoying being with each other. I am so grateful to feel like Austin has become a close friend too- and not just because he is Al's husband. It was hard to leave not knowing when we would get time like this again!

We also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! Crazy! Is next year really 5 years? It can't be! Five years was going to be our marker for so many things- start thinking about a family, go to Italy, move out west........ I can't even imagine these things now! It really crept up much faster than we've expected. We are very content with where we are at- happy just being together, done with school for awhile, having the freedom to travel and follow our spontaneity.... not ready for the kiddos to appear anytime soon!

Anyway- on to the rest of September- there is much more to be celebrated! Here are a few more pics:

Clearly, I look a little unsure about the Baby Bjorn. As does Torston..... he was fine :)