Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I know it has been awhile!

Was going for a total overhaul of the blog, but instead I have ended up with total procrastination! I keep trying to find time to sit and put all my thoughts into writing.- do something more creative with the site. Was hoping to go back and re-trace, but now I have waited too long and that feels like a major task. It is time to just start somewhere if I don't want this blog to die!

Time is really flying by. I can't believe we have been here for over 2 months. I still can't believe we live here. Most days I am still sort of bewildered by the whole transition- very grateful and very happy. Then there are the days where I am hit with a wave of feeling shell shocked, lonely, and disoriented. The weekends are especially hard. I think the best advice I got before we moved was to allow myself to grieve all I was leaving behind. Although we have arrived at an exciting opportunity, beautiful place, and new stage- what we left behind wasn't bad. Who wants to say good-bye to family, friends, church, comfort, stability.... So, in sum, which is all I got for now.... We are doing great, still feels right, but not without some emotional melt downs :)

Peter on the other hand has faced a few more obstacles. Although he loves the beach, laying in the sun, and having his own yard... He did not love getting sprayed by a skunk. Peter eagerly ran to the skunk, excited that a new friend had come into his yard to introduce themselves. We YELLED, scurried, laughed, and ran inside just in time to miss being sprayed ourselves! He also does not love that he has doggy allergies here and ended up with a skin infection apparently known as "The Santa Barbara Itch"! He is presently on drugs and had to have several large patches of hair shaved off. Poor guy looks homely.

We've had many fun visitors both from in state and out of state. That has been a blessing! My parents come for Thanksgiving and arrive this weekend- looking forward to that.

So, there we have it, not much to it, but there is a post to get me going again...