Saturday, September 24, 2011

Processing "The big news"

So this baby thing is really happening! We are very excited and grateful everything is going smoothly so far. To be honest, I was fairly shell shocked at first. Jon has been the one who has been glowing since the moment we found out. Good call on his part, he masked his utter enthusiasm and remained calm as I processed the reality of all that was about to happen.

Now, I can't claim it was a 100% surprise, because, well, we all know how these things happen. Many people have inquired if we were "trying". I have to say, this can come across as quite an intrusive question. Depending on who asks it of course. I don't mind if close friends ask, most people who know me well know I'm a pretty open person. However, when mere acquaintances, co-workers, or distant friends want to know the down and dirty of how this happened, I find it a little inappropriate. Also, I have had a few people assume we've been trying for a long time. Anyway, here is my answer to that question. NO, we were not "trying". We HAD begun talking about family planning options, and we had already taken the foster parent orientation class. (Quick side note here if you will allow me: this was VERY interesting in and of itself, because I usually TEACH these classes. I could write an entire post about this, but I won't get to sidetracked and I'll stop now). We were definitely warming up to the idea of becoming parents and thinking about the different avenues of parenthood and building a family. However, the planner side of my personality was winning over, and I did not feel all of our ducks were in a row quite yet. I was also not mentally in a place to take that big leap of faith.

Funny thing is, usually when we need to take big leaps of faith, they are not planned leaps :) So now here I am in the midst of a big leap of faith, and just trusting this will all work out. More than anything, I'm so grateful to have this little peanut inside me. (I guess now it is technically more like an orange inside me). Even though that positive sign initially threw me for a loop, and there were three because I took three tests....I quickly realized I should feel more blessed than any of the other neurotic emotions I was facing.

Also, I'm very grateful to report that it seems I've been very lucky as far as symptoms go. I only had one bad day of nausea, but otherwise I've been OK in that department. I have been VERY tired and also not sleeping well, but that SEEMs to be getting a wee bit better. Some head aches, some cravings, definitely some absent mindedness, and some other little things, but nothing major. We did have one little scare thrown in there a couple weeks ago which lead to an unexpected trip to the doctor, but everything checked out just fine. My belly is growing and to me it looks very obvious. I've only had one person admit that they can tell I'm showing. I think that is because most people are trying to be polite during this awkward stage. So far, I can still fit into all of my clothes. Although within the past few days "fit" has become a little more questionable. Some pants are getting too tight and there are several shirts that do not flaunt things I want flaunted.

The news is for the most part out there. I haven't started telling the clients that I work with yet. There are a variety of reasons for this- my plans for leave are still up in the air, it can be a sensitive subject in the field I work in (this could also be a whole other post), and it can also put un-needed focus on me when the focus needs to be them.

Otherwise, it has been very fun to share the news and receive the support from friends and family who share our excitement. I thought I would post some cute photos from when we told my parents. This will be their 1st Grandchild, so they are very excited. Coincidentally, they had already planned a trip out here since my Dad had to be in California for work. I'm SO glad we got to tell them in person- that would have been really hard for me to not be able to share with them face to face. We told Jon's parents via Skype, which was also fun and quite amusing, but unfortunately we don't have any photos to show for it.
At first, my Mom was confused by her gift.... she quickly caught on.

It took my Dad a minute. His priceless process captured...promise this is completely candid!

A champagne/lemonade for me/ toast and the proud Grandparents to be:

Oh, one more thing you may be wondering. Yes, we are going to find out if it is a boy or a girl and we can't wait!! Should have some news on October 19th if all goes according to plan.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Parents to Be

We are officially announcing it to the world. Baby Peterson coming at you March 2012. Here is the first photo of Baby P. ( Sorry peanut you are already on the web!) We just cleared the first Trimester. All is well so far!

I will write more to elaborate on this special news soon, but it's on Facebook, and I felt my blog deserved to have the news posted too :) Always thought my first personal post about parenting would probably involve foster care or adoption, but instead we have a bun in the oven.