Friday, May 30, 2008

So we've been to Ethiopia and back since my last post! Sorry I didn't have time to post before we left- things were a little hectic!

Anyway- the trip was amazing to say the least. As soon as I recover from the travel- I will post more. If you can't wait- please feel free to visit our Church on Sunday to hear more first hand and see some pics!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Closing Summary

Well.... today is my graduation open house- now it is official- I have graduated with my Masters in Social Work. I really can't believe it actually.

Looking back on the past three years (that is how long it took) so much has happened. The first year of school I was only taking a few classes and nannying. That was an adventure....
The next year, I took a job working part-time at Chiropractor's office...also an adventure... and began school full-time. I was supposed to start an internship in December, but due to a mix up of paper work, I didn't start until March.

Thank God for that mix up, because it landed me at Children's Hope, which is exactly where I was supposed to be. Before I began interning, I have to admit- I was frustrated by the insane amount of hours we are required to intern without pay. BUT this frustration faded almost instantly as I fell in love with the work I was able to do at CHI, realized how valuable "practice" experience was, and genuinely looked forward to going into the office. The staff there has been wonderful to say the least. We all worked through some tremendous challenges, both personally and professionally, and I learned things I never expected to learn!

Being able to work in the international adoption field was such a confirming experience. I was finally able to be involved in something I had studied for years. Adoption, especially international, has been a long time interest of mine. Goes back to high school actually. I have no idea why I became so interested in international adoption while I was in high school, wasn't really a big thing then like it is now. I think I just thought it was fascinating- and no doubt, God gives us all specific interests and passions for a reason. I will spare you the details of my entire professional journey- and simply say God continued to place opportunities in my life that increased my desire to work with adoptive families. So, like I said, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work at CHI- it was the perfect place for me to intern.

And of course- part of school- the classes. Oh all the classes. Some were amazing, some were annoying, but all in all I got a great education. Theories, diagnosis, methods of therapy, cultural competency, development, systems.... When I stop and think about it- I realize how much I really did learn. It is a great feeling to feel "equipped" to go into the professional world with a solid education backing you up.

Anyway, just thought I would post a little summary reflection. For me, and for you. Because now- it is done! I am no longer just a "student" I am an MSW :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bill Cosby- Dentists

Seeing an Idol

I got to see this routine live this past Saturday! If you know me even remotely well, you know that this was a dream come true. (Go ahead, Call me lame, I can take it) Jon bought the tickets "secretly" as my graduation gift... I still haven't figured out how he slid this by me, but I think it involves taking out extra cash gradually while at the grocery store....sneaky booger! Cosby is 70, almost 71, and still can make me laugh like no one else. He does speak a little slower, and seem to loose track of where he's going- but it is hard to tell if this is part of his act or his age. Probably some of both- he's smart like that. It was clear a lot of the work was improve and he was so interactive with the audience, it was great! He did end with one of his classic routines, and it was still just as funny it was when he performed it live on TV 24 years ago.. The Dentist.