Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Aubri Brown Club

In other happy news.... our remaining medical bills from Drake have been paid off!

Thanks to the Aubri Brown Club. We are SO incredible grateful and blown away. Short back story behind this.... In 2005, I was nannying for a wonderful family, The Browns, in Chicago. At the time I began nannying for them, they had three children- two toddler age boys, and a baby girl. Very sadly, their baby girl, Aubri, passed away due to SIDS. This was a devastating loss for them, and one I never will forget. I experienced my own shock and sadness at the suddenness of her death, but it was nothing compared to what they were going through. Their extended family and friends rallied around them, they relied on their support, and their strong faith to get them through. It was an intimate experience to go through with a family I was working for. However, I never ever thought in a million years I would be in a similar kind of situation. A few years ago, the Brown's started the Aubri Brown Club to help support families after the loss of a child. They heard about our loss of Drake and reached out to us, encouraging us to apply for assistance. We recently received the glorious news that the foundation had called UCLA and paid off our remaining hospital costs, and also our paid our balance with our psychologist for counseling expenses. Wow! That is all I can say, Wow! God certainly connects us all in mysterious webs and you never know how relationships will take shape and be used for greater good according to his plans. THANK YOU Aubri Brown Club! I encourage all of you to take a look at their website, and pass it on to anyone you may know who goes through the heartbreaking loss of saying good-bye to a child.


Laura said...

Stace, that is amazing! Praise God! It is incredible how God brings people together and works through others in our lives.

Melissa said...

WOW. How amazing. Praise God for being faithful. I'm so grateful for the Browns' ministry to you guys and for this generous provision. Love you!