Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year

Well I wasn't going to buy into posting something about the "New Year" because usually I am not a resolution advocate. Then I got tagged, read others blogs, and truth be told... the turn of the New Year did inspire me to make some changes. To sum it up- my life patterns need to have an over haul! Audrey said 5... so here we go.

1. Give God time.
I say my faith is the most important thing in my life. But my time certainly doesn't testify to this. Even in the midst of a crazy schedule I can find time to go to the gym, go shopping, call a friend, or watch TV. So, now, I vow to give more time to God. One thing my faith has taught me, if I do this- it is likely all these other resolutions will fall into place, and life will feel more as it should.

2. Go to bed before 11pm
I work well late at night. That is when my brain seems to know there is nothing else to do, so I am free to write and read. I prefer to come home at 5, take a nap, and then tackle the rest of the evening. However, this means I am tired in the mornings and hate waking up early. It also means Jon and I are constantly on different schedules, when he is tired I am awake, etc. I think we would enjoy each others company much more if we were on the same page here and I am the one that has the wacky habits, so I will try to conform to the "normal" way of being....

3. Plan Meals
Now most of you think I am a very healthy eater. I am. However, it is not healthy to wait till you are starving because you don't know what to eat, there is no food at home that is appealing, cooking seems too hard, or it is 10:00 pm and you have waited to figure out food until you arrive home. This often leads to eating things one would rather not be. I will attempt to go back to planning weekly menus, easy ways to cart around food I will actually enjoy, and understand how my decisions about eating effect me.

4. Run the Chicago Marathon.
It's about time I just did this. I've been talking about it for at least 4 years. I loved the 1/2 marathon.... I can take on the real deal (yikes!).

5. Think about others over myself
These past few years I have had so many things to focus on, it has been easy to just get stuck in the mode of doing what I need to do to survive and succeed. This is not how I am, nor how I want to be. I need to learn how to be selfless.

Ta da! Cheers to 2008!

P.S. We had a great New Years Eve Gathering- will post on this soon.

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audrey said...

i'm glad that you've decided to tackle the chicago marathon this year! it would have been fun to have done it together, but in retrospect, wouldn't have wished 2007's on anyone:) i know that you enjoy the training and the event immensely. i'll be thinking of you!

thanks for playing my little game...funny thing is that i'm not usually a resolution advocate myself (or at least not on january 1st), because so often they are broken just as quickly as they are made. even so, realizing changes that are needed - and starting to work on them - is always a good thing!