Friday, January 11, 2008


We could've been really mad at our dog. But what is the use. It was his bed after all. "His" pillow which he so loved, until last night. For some reason his little doggy brain decided it was time to kill the pillow. And that he did.
Jon and I couldn't help but laugh at his tremendous efforts to destroy the white fluff. We just laughed and sighed, "Ahh, well..It is only a pillow."
Funny as it may seem, Peter reminded me of how often we get caught up with all of our "fluff". We forget that our belongings are only temporary, and really, in the end, meaningless.

While I was at the gym the other day, I over heard a conversation about a house fire. I couldn't help but think of how horrible it would be to lose everything to a fire, or another natural disaster. I imagined how distraught I would be. But then, I was comforted by the instant response my thoughts conjured up. "Well, it would be awful, but at least it is just stuff."

The days I am focused on materialism, are usually the days I am also depressed and miserable and trying to find something to instantly make me feel better. It is so easy to get up in living for "the fluff", always wanting something bigger and better. Whether it be the houses we build, the latest fashions in our closet, or the newest video game, it is such a relief to take a step back and remember none of this matters. I am so grateful my hope and my purpose is in something bigger.


Sabai said...

Preach, sister!

Melissa said...

First of all, your dog? Hysterical. I love that munchkin!

Secondly, what a great message for today. Thanks for the reminder, and for being honest with your own thoughts and aspirations to stay focused on what is most important in life.

Love you!