Sunday, June 3, 2007

Full Day!

Wow today was a full day! We began by waking up at 6:00am (on a weekend mind you!) to head out for the Run For the Zoo. What a great time! Not only did we get the best race shirts ever, Nike Dri-fit Jersey's, but we also got to enjoy the Zoo on a beautiful Chicago morning. We were pleasantly surprised to see Monkeys, Rhinos, Lions, and other wildlife at 8:00 am this morning. We both finished with respectable times, but were also inspired to set goal times for our next race ( a.k.a. we were a bit lazy running through the zoo!).
After that we headed to church. Yes, we did show up sweaty and smelly. And yes...we were ushers in our running gear!! So grateful we are at a church where this is OK. Either A) People didn't even think to ask or B) Did ask and were super supportive of what we had been up too.
Next on the agenda... (whew this is more than we can normally handle before 2:00pm)..... we headed out to Westmont for a Habitat for Humanity Ground Breaking. I (Stacy) must say, it was incredible to see this organization in action. I was so proud to see my husband at work and realize what an honorable organization he spends his days and nights supporting!
We were able to see the property they had purchased and were going to rehab. It is just incredible to see what faith in action can do. GIVE a family in NEED a home! For three years now DuPage Habitat has been searching for the right property to build a home on. It isn't the cheapest county, so scouting out the right place took a bit of work! But today, we got to celebrate the miracle that God provided. Thanks to an amazing coalition of area churches and other volunteers ; an at-risk family will be able to move into a highly desirable lot in Westmont! We learned today how many families in DuPage are struggling to provide a place for their families to live. Trust me, these families aren't sitting there begging for help! Most of them hold steady jobs and provide for their families, but in today's world, injustice proves that is not enough. Habitat families commit to working for their homes, in "sweat equity", they actually help build homes and support the organization.

On TOP of this all....we greatly (ick!) are enjoying the Cicadas!! What a Sunday!

And then... we napped......


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melissa said...

wow - what a great weekend! :) i'm so glad jon is in a position that affirms and encourages his talents. and glad you guys got to get a fun run in, to boot!