Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ravinia Fun!

Last night we make an impromptu trip to Ravinia to see the Doobie Brothers. It was PACKED! Who knew the Doobie Brother's still had such following. At times we felt we were at Woodstock. I am sure many of the people in our company were actually at Woodstock. (By the way- random fact about me- I would have loved to have been at Woodstock! Don't worry though, I would have kept my clothes on. ) Anyway, it was a great time! The cicadas were not an interference for those of you who may be staying away from Ravinia this year do to the little buggers.

Side note: The following photos demonstrate that my husband is suffering from camping withdrawal.... hiking around the burbs with a "picnic pack" is about as close as we have come for awhile. Don't worry Jon, we will go someday soon!!


Greta Wallgren said...

Let's go camping!!!! I really want to and Scott has never been. What's that about??? We shall plan a weekend. Yes? No?

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only Doobie Brothers fan out there!

"What a fool believes..."


Steven said...

too fun! i confess, we've stayed away from the fest this summer because of the crazy cicadas. good to know they're not too obtrusive. we should make a ravinia date sometime - AND a camping date! that would be fun. :)