Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Coming Out of the Cave

This past weekend was well spent. The past few weekends have been! Our high level of social involvement has made us very proud of ourselves and happy. I must say, I think the summer brings us out an incredible and ridiculous way. It is no coincidence that suddenly when the weather gets warmer and the layers of clothes get lighter, we ourselves seem to feel brighter and more inspired. So does this mean we move to California you might ask if you know us well. We wish. No moves anytime soon (we don't think!) However, it has made us realize how much we thrive on opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. For us this may mean on any given day; running through a forest preserve, grilling, sitting outside with a glass of wine or a beer, walking the dog more, outdoor dining with friends, shorts and t-shirts, going to the lake, actually getting out and enjoying Chicago landmarks, camping, or yard work. Ahhh these things make us so happy. Now if the Cicadas and rain would stay away we would be all set.


melissa said...

hear, hear! i love getting outside when the weather is nice. it was so fun getting together with you guys last weekend, although i'm sorry again that dinner took so long to prepare - and that it was pouring rain so we couldn't christen the back deck for the summer! hope we can get together again soon, this time out on the deck with glasses of sangria in hand. :)

Kjersten & Michael said...

those were good times! We will have to find a time to hang out together soon. We're in CT for a wedding this week, and when we get back there might possibly be a puppy in our future!