Thursday, May 3, 2007

Can I please just have a consistent life for 6 months? 3 even?

Why is it that just when I find myself getting into a normal routine- I have to figure out a new one! Classes change, jobs change, internships change-I am irritated. For those of you who may not know- getting this past field placement was a nightmare! It turned out great, I am at an internship I love. However, due to the delay in placing me here, I lost out on time to be placed for my SECOND year placement. I would just like to point out, this means I am getting screwed over not only once, but twice. Couldn't figure out the 2nd level till the first was done... and so therefore I end up behind and left out of placements again.....

I have many decisions to make (again) regarding school. Do I want to stay at my placement or find a new one? A new one means: Do I want to commute far into the suburbs for a good opportunity? Do I really want to scrounge up 3 letters of recommendation? Staying here may mean: I could possibly jam load my schedule a graduate a semester early. I know I like it here. HOWEVER, there is a lot of down time, I will never get my own case load, and I won't be broadening my horizons and experiencing other agencies. Part of all this seems like the choice to be comfortable. There other part of that though is how much stress do I really want to add to my life?

Ok here is the other piece of the pie that I can't get out of my head... internships often lead to jobs..... See there are just too many factors! For those of you who have a job that you are happy and content going to everyday- say a prayer of thanksgiving. For those of you who feel like there is a never ending spiral of choices and changes in front of you..... we will all figure things out someday (i hope!)

How bout a vote:
Stacy- Stay where you are and possibly graduate early?
Stacy- Stick with the plan to graduate in May 08 and suck it up and commute to an agency that will offer new opportunity and experience?


Greta Wallgren said...

I think this is a matter of what is more important to you. Comfort level while getting the opportunity to graduate early or experiencing a new agency. Either choice could lead you to a job. Which choice does your gut tell you to be the better one because that is probably choice you should go with. Maybe we should have gone to dinner the other night.

Kjersten & Michael said...

Oh man. I'm so sorry that this process has been so frustrating for you! If I was in your position I would ask myself if I thought that there was another specific place in mind that I would like to work at for awhile. If so, then go for it! If not, why ruin a good thing? It sounds like you are really enjoying your internship thus far. I'll be praying for you as you go through this crazy time! It will all be worth it in the very, very near future!

melissa said...

is it bad that the first thing that came to mind is the sign by our local gas station indicating that the cost is now $3.50/gallon? :) that said, you do what is right for you - staying at the internship you're enjoying sounds like it could be wise, but cram-loading a schedule sounds a little overwhelming. likewise, it's really frustrating that you got pushed back due to an oversight that was NOT your fault. maybe we should get together for a cocktail sometime so you can vent, seeing as i've talked your ear off approximately 167 times over the years and you've had a venting session a long time coming. :) love you and praying God's peace for you.

Ali said...

Oh no!! How annoying- I am so sorry. I think your comment about the stress is really important- quality of life etc. Is there an option to stay at the current agency and yet still graduate in May 08 :)? I don't think a job will be hard to come by once you graduate, no matter what you decide. You are brilliant!