Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sicky poo

This is my third week being "under the weather". I have gone from thinking I am pregnant, to realizing it was the flu, to still not feeling quite right as some little bacteria friends decided to continue to party inside me, and now I am done with this.... I dragged myself into the doctor(which I also despise!) and I am on some serious prescriptions. (Imagine the jumbo sized jelly beans x2)
Just a sinus infection, nothing major. I hesitate to really admit I am sick and complain about it, because the past three weeks have made me realize how much I take health for granted. There is nothing severely wrong with me. However, I have had to miss classes, internship hours, social events, and I have barely made it to the gym these past few weeks . For those of you who know me well, you know not being able to be active is really hard on my psyche! I hate it!! I think the one good think being sick does is allow me to realize how important is to take care of myself. It also gives me great empathy for people who live with diseases or conditions that don't go away. How incredibly taxing it must be to live that way. I am so grateful that God has blessed me and my loved ones with generally good health! Maybe he knows I would drive everyone crazy if something severe was ever wrong with me ( I am sure the day will come... so be ready friends!)
My husband keeps telling me that I am paying for not allowing myself to be sick and just stop for a few days three weeks ago. Maybe he is right. I would rather be out and about then at home recuperating unless completely necessary. But now I am home, drugged up (but feeling better!) , and again.... grateful to have a husband who puts up with moans and groans from me at all hours.


Greta Wallgren said...

3 Cheers for Uncle Jonny! I am happy you are feeling better :) See you tomorrow.

melissa said...

speaking of uncle jonny, that nephew of yours certainly looks a lot like him. hope you're feeling much better soon - and i'm very glad that you indeed are healthy, for the most part, and that you're learning how important it is to maintain that health. love you!