Sunday, April 22, 2007

Congrats Scott and Carolyn!

My old friend Carolyn got married yesterday to a wonderful guy- Scott! The wedding was beautiful. It was also an unexpected good-bye. The newly weds are moving to Australia for a year! How exciting for them. Scott has been assigned to a project there and they are mutually ecstatic about the chance to live abroad.

On the way to the wedding yesterday we decided to count the wedding we have been to since I graduated from college. So within the past three years.... we have been to 25 weddings (26 if you count our own!) We have been in 11 of these. And we didn't even begin to count the weddings we have been invited to and not attended. I think this is a little nuts..... Don't get me wrong, we love weddings and it has been an honor to witness so many sacred vows. But people- please... When will the madness stop!


melissa said...

sure, the wedding madness can stop now....and then it'll all be BABY MADNESS. and then kids' birthday party madness. high school graduations. then THEIR weddings. ah, the circle of life. at least we get to celebrate all of these things together, as we go grayer and grayer... :)

Greta Wallgren said...

Hey you are not allowed to be sick of weddings yet. That's what sucks about being one of the last. I feel like people will just have the mentality of "oh another wedding" and not be as excited as when the season of weddings began.

However, 25 weddings in 3 years...Yikes! That's a lot of wedding presents :)