Friday, December 16, 2011


I've fallen behind on blogging again. A LOT has happened! Let's start with the fun things.... in the next post I will update you on the not so fun things.

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to Hawaii over Thanksgiving. A "baby-moon" trip if you will. Despite missing our flight on the way out (UGH- L.A. traffic and a NIGHTMARE of a parking mishap), we made it over to Honolulu all in one piece. The trip was very relaxing and we spent a lot of time sitting on the beach, one of my favorite hobbies. Although we are surrounded by beaches here, there's nothing like a tropical beach! The water was MUCH warmer and clearer. The weather was also much warmer, but I will not try to claim that it is "cold" here now because I know better :) One of my longtime bestest friends and her significant other had decided to take a trip for her 30th Birthday, and they conveniently agreed to join us in Hawaii. Also, coincidentally, some of our very close family friends also happened to be spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii. It was very fun to have such quality time with great friends.

Here is the next "belly" shot. At the top of Diamond Head Mountain in Honolulu.

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