Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Past Due

If this blog was a library book, I would be responsible for a HEFTY late fee.

Thankfully, no late fees involved. Can you believe I'm ACTUALLY posting again? I never had the intent of letting this be one of those blogs that just fades away. I'm all about closure, so there would have at least been a closure post if I were going to put this blog to rest. Instead, it was just not happening.

There you have it, I'm going to try to get back into blogging. A few reasons why: 1) I have realized I miss it as an outlet for writing, sharing, and some tidbits of creativity. 2) I have realized that by NOT keeping up on my own blog, other people's blogs slip past me. This may sound selfish, I don't mean it that way at all. When blogging is not on my radar, it is just not on my radar to keep up on checking other blogs. Being far away from so many close friends and family, it kills me to realize I'm missing out. Whether it be big news, or little day to day moments, I genuinely want to stay connected as much as possible. To those near and far.3) I think it is fun. 4) I decided it is probably healthy to have some methods available to procrastinate at work or distract myself when I get too stressed out. 5) I'm finally feeling more settled, comfortable, and capable of sharing myself once again (the move to California was quite an extended transition, not going to lie!).

Rather than trying to back track and retrace everything I neglected to blog about over the past t1 1/2 years.... I'm going to start fresh with today.

Today I post my "intro post" back into the blogging world. Hello friends- hope you are still out there! :)


Melissa said...

Hooray! Welcome back. :)

The Johnsons said...

Love it, Love you, Love that you're blogging again :)

Eric Olsen said...

i JUST deleted you from my Google Reader like TWO weeks ago. And the SECOND I give glad to have you back!