Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun with Vino

Santa Barbara County is home to over 100 vineyards and a few hundred tasting rooms. Needless to say, it is a fabulous place to wine taste! Fun fact: You may already know that the 2004 hit film, Sideways, was filmed in Santa Barbara county. This brought a lot of attention to the region making it more well known. I'd venture to say it is a mini Napa Valley. Wine country is BEAUTIFUL and we are so lucky to be able to enjoy it and share it with visitors. We're also lucky to have such amazing wine at our fingertips (which has also unfortunately increased our wine budget and maybe made us a tiny bit snobby about our wine). We've become members at a couple of wineries, this way we can bring friends to taste for free, and we also get discounts on the wine.

Hopefully, this little photo montage will give you a "taste" of Santa Barbara Wine Country. It also will give you a taste of how many visitors we've had. Not everyone that has come out has made it into these photos, but many out of town visitors have gotten to experience wine country! The photos also showcase what happens after you've visited a few vineyards... people start to get a little goofy! (Captions above photos)

Me & Kristel @ Gainey
(visiting from Chicago)

Us w/ Tim & Sandra @ Firestone & Fess Parker
(visiting from Oregon)
Jon w/ Ali & Terry @ Kalyra
(visiting from Vegas)

My Dad @ Fess Parker
(visiting from Chicago)
Us @ Fess Parker
Rachel @ Gainey
(visiting from Michigan)

Us w/ Brian, Megan, Ryan & Brigit @ Sunstone
(Visiting from Wisconsin/L.A.)

DBG Girls @ Roblar & Kalyra
Bethanie, Annie, Greta, Britta, Me, Lori, Annie
(visiting from Northern Cali, Chicago, Seattle, Colorado, & Florida)

Us with David, Steph, Jeffrey@ Bridlewood & Kalyra
(Local Friends)

So... if you haven't made it out to see us yet, maybe this post will entice you! Cheers!

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