Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

We are sorry we have neglected you. As you know, things have been a bit hard to manage lately. High pressure work situations, some family drama, and well... just trying to keep our heads above water.

All in all, we hope you know we are fine. Thank goodness for grace, faith, and community. It has just been one of those phases where work/professions have been very consuming, but in the right way-just part of the calling, if you can make sense of that. We hope we have made sense of it, and are we are following a leader and doing our part to, " Keep on, keeping on!" ...And very thankful for the many ways we have been blessed. We know there is really no room to complain. We are joyfully living out our callings. Which some of your friends may understand how that can also be quite difficult! Please feel free to tell them we are open to their insights and advice!

Thank you for understanding for our neglect Blog,

Jon & Stacy

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