Monday, November 10, 2008

A tidbit on why I am so excited about Barack

I think one of the major things people might be misunderstanding about Barack Obama as president- he IS change. The fact that we have finally elected a individual who is not a white male to be our president is a historic change. This is a change that has already resulted in a renewed sense of hope. For many who have felt like racism is a beast that is too large to conquer, an injustice that will never be understood, and a constant debate filled with frustration- we now have hope that progress really has been made. This is a change. It is a change for a group of people who can now look at our president and see that their race is no longer a reason to feel hopeless. It is a change that now our country has really "walked the talk" and proved that we can elect a president based not off the color of his skin, but the content of his character.

I understand Barack has huge challenges ahead of him as the next president. Just as McCain would have. I don't think Barack's campaign slogan of "Change" was ever really about walking into the White House and changing the way our government works. I am sure there are things he will put efforts into reforming ( I hope so at least!). However, there are also things that will need to remain stable.

The major principle behind the "change" we are all so supportive of has already happened. We have made a change in the way we elect our presidents, who is able to make it as a candidate (men, women, black, white...etc), and who actually is the face representing the diversity that truly exemplifies America.

P.S. I am not a proponent of merely electing someone to office because they are different. Which is why it is so exciting to now have a president who can be this change, but who brings the kind of personal and moral character America needs right now. Along with this is his passion for looking out for the well being of all people, his ability to run a phenomenal campaign (this success shows his ability to succeed and know the needs of the people!), an amazing team of supporters and advisers, and experience which will prove itself credible. And I can't forget to give special kudos to his wife- she is a true role model for women. Willing to put her children first above everything and make this a known priority. But also an intelligent and accomplished woman. And she looks great doin it too! :)

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