Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well not only have I been gone from my blog- now I am totally taking off! I am headed to Florida for about 6 days with my Mom (thanks again Mom for the chance to take a vacation!!). The past few weeks have been pretty hectic filled with a flu bout, midterms, church stuff, interning, etc. BUT I am very ready for a break and a chance just to get away from my hectic routine. Unfortunately my vacation reading stack is pretty pathetic. Jonny laughed when he picked up my carry on item... text books, computer.. what do you expect! I am actually looking forward to spending some serious time with my books though- I don't think I'll have a problem with my only obligations being the beach, pool side, or if worse comes to worse and it rains... a hotel room. Honestly, I never thought I would say it, but even if it does rain- I am still on a break. Praise the Lord!

On another note- I got to see two of my bestest buds yesterday. Here are a few pics. Love these gals' we've been through it all together! ( And no we did not coordinate on purpose!)
Abbi, Me, Andrea

Griffin (Cuteness Credit goes to Abbi & Ryan!) Me, Andrea


audrey said...

Enjoy your much-needed vacation, Stacy! Hope that you get in all the R&R you need:)

P.S. - I also wanted to let you know that I've been getting update e-mails from the Chicago Marathon, and it sounds like registration is filling up quickly. In case you haven't signed up yet, you might want to soon!

Ry, Ab, & Griff said...

Hello Beautiful!
Who are thoes adorable girls!
Loved this night and miss you guys already! Let's do it again soon! Me

andrea said...

Hi Stace!!

love this post and love you!

when do we get to see each other again?

miss you guys!