Friday, November 30, 2007

Life for Stacy Peterson

There has not been much time to blog this past week, and I don't imagine there will be for the next week or so. Here is a bit of what has been going on.

1. First things first: New niece & nephew!! Beatrice Ruth Peterson was born a week ago here in Evanston, and Torston Arlo Peterson out in Seattle, WA.

2. Finals. To give you a rough idea of what I am doing, I am following the lead of a friend and just giving you some titles (some of these titles still in the works)....

Adolescent International Adoptees and Identity Formation: Effective Strategies for Therapists

Exercise and Body Image Attitudes: Comparison Study of Mothers and their Adolescent Daughters.

Postpartum Depression and The Family System

Reflections from a Second Year MSW Student (Reflection paper on my field placement)

Are Research Courses Necessary for MSW Students? : A Reflection on my Education

*** The first three are biggies, and the last two aren't so bad!*******

3. MY CAR GOT BROKEN INTO! Ughhhh. Stupid me, I left my purse in visible sight. In my own defense, I thought I had taken everything valuable out of the purse. These days, I live my life from about 4 different bags, and I constantly rotate a few staple items.... wallet, planner, phone, computer. Well somehow I left the wallet in the lame purse. I realized later, even if I had taken the wallet out, the purse would probably still be in visible sight and my window would still be broken (which was the major cost) I am SOO grateful my computer was safe!! I think I would've gone into immediate panic attack if it had been stolen in the midst of my finals. (Not to mention all the other incredibly important documents on it from my internship, etc.) Anyone who has had their wallet stolen knows what a violating and annoying process this is! I have NO identity and no way to spend money! I tried to write a check, and of course, they wanted my D.License. Cash only these days, but Jon has to get it for me, because I have no ATM card :) It's all canceled though and should be replaced by next week. Oh, they also got my makeup bag, which contained all my makeup! I don't consider myself very superficial, and have never worn much makeup. But, not even having the option to put it on the next morning made me feel quite exposed. Makeup isn't cheap either....

Here is the best part of this story, on a more funny note. So imagine having my name right now and trying to call into the police to report something. The conversation was as follows,
Dispatcher: "What is your name?"
S: "Stacy Peterson"
D: "Are you OK?"
S: "Yes."
D: "Are you from Bollingbrook?"
S: "No."
D: "Are you sure you are OK? Where are you? Where are you from?"
Later on...
D: "These addresses aren't matching correctly. Are you sure this is Stacy Peterson from Chicago?"
S: "Yes."
D: "Well there is no record of any of this, this isn't funny, is your name really Stacy Peterson....this is ridiculous. [Hang up]"

what! ahh! Anyway, I got disconnected once and hung up on the second time. Jon had to call in because I don't think they took me seriously. I must say, I am getting tired of even admitting what my name is. Everywhere I go someone thinks its funny. It was amusing for awhile, but let's not be stupid people... I am not her!!!!

All in all, yes, I have been stressed. But this happens at the end of the semester, and then there is always a time of relief. AND only one more semester to go! Woo hoo!!! May '08 here we come.


Sabai said...

now that i think about, are you SURE you're not her?

Julie said...

OH MY GOSH! That is so funny (or totally rude)! Silly dispatcher. Anyway, good luck with those papers. Coffee sometimes... yes. Maybe once the papers have all been turned in. Good luck.

melissa said...

ohhhh, i hate that i just laughed so hard at that last one...poor dearie. hope life eases up on you this week! love you!