Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Down in the Dells

Over two weeks ago now, we made a trip to the Wisconsin Dells. When we left it was raining, and when we came home it was raining. For a week. All of you who live in Chicago remember that week- many of you dealt with floods, power outages, and days and days of endless clouds and water. So on a happy note- at least we didn't have any storm damage to come home to.

On a sad note- the Dells are not the place to go when monsoons hit the midwest. That is unless you are a sucker for tourist traps and gift shops straight from the Oriental Trading Post. We were looking forward to a week spent hiking, golfing (Jon not me), laying out by the pool, paddling boating, riding the Wisconsin Army Ducks, BBQing.... you get the picture. None of this can be done in the rain. Now I am a fan of a cozy day inside- just not 5 of them when I was anticipating outdoor adventure. I found myself becoming extremely bratty and sick of being pent up inside. My husband being Mr. Positive was quite content to sit by the fire and read (Yes I said read... he actually did!). This stirred on some interesting discussions on our ideas of vacations and get aways. Even on Vacation- I prefer to be Ms. Active. Even if "active" may mean the activity of sipping a Pina Colada by the Pool. Jon is content to just be away and zone out from normal routine. Thankfully, I think we were able to learn from each other and compromise.

Days were spent in our little cabin:
really not a bad place to be stuck, and nights were spent eating out or going to Ho-Chunk Casino (a long time legend within my group of friends). We didn't win any money, but it was entertaining. On our last day we were able to go for a lovely hike. Complete with a snake scampering right over my feet. All in all, to the Dells I say- It was nice knowin ya, we shared some good times, but I don't think we'll be seein each other again.

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Sabai said...

What cabin did you stay at?