Wednesday, September 5, 2007

3 years!

My wonderful amazing husband got me another band for our 3 year anniversary. 3 years- 3 rings. Wow, I am a lucky girl. It is the same as my wedding band, and I have been wanting it ever since I discovered it- I LOVE IT!!

This past year of marriage has proved to be one of the most challenging years for both of us. Despite all we have been through we have grown closer together and come out with a deeper understanding of marriage. I am so grateful for God's provision in my life and couldn't ask for a better match for me.

P.S. I will eventually post about the other promised things.....


melissa said...

love you guys. love the love you share and the marriage you are cultivating. love that you share your lives and hearts so freely with so many. that you are so generous in spirit and friendship with me personally. your relationship has been an extraordinary blessing and example for me in MY new marriage and i will NEVER forget the conversations on marriage that we have had in which you've encouraged me beyond words. just now i'm looking at a picture on my desk of all the bridesmaids in my wedding. we're laughing, blowing kisses. and i'm tearing up just looking at it - overwhelmed with gratitude. for you, for our friendship, for your support. for jon and the way he loves and cares for you and makes everyone around him laugh and feel welcome. praying that God blesses you and your marriage richly with His presence, the support of family and friends, and joy despite any challenge you may face. i love you!

misty diller said...

congratulations jon and stacy, this is the diller family. i found your blog through melissas and was so tickled to see that the two of you have been married for three years - amazing! i brought the kids to brookfield this summer on one of our trips back to naperville and while we walked through the zoo i remembered how great your wedding was there! i still can't believe that was three years ago.... i hope you are doing well, say hi to your family for us!

blessings, misty