Thursday, August 2, 2007


Melissa tagged me. I don't know if there are eight people left in my blog circle of friends that haven't been tagged yet! If you have been tagged and not yet responded, I may tag you again:)

Tagging means you have to post 8 random facts/habits about yourself, and then "tag" 8 other people.

1. Fact- I do not have pierced ears. Explanation if you wish to read: I wasn't aloud to get them pierced till I was 13. When I was 13 I was deathly afraid of getting it done (needles). As I got older I began to realize it was one less meaningless token of beauty to worry about, so I have opted not to pierce them. I have been tempted at times, and I once had my upper cartilage pierced twice. No I am not in a gang... I just thought it was cool. One has closed up, the other may still be there.

2. Habit- Generally speaking, I eat the same Bagel with fat free cream cheese every morning. I rotate between flavors, but I am addicted to Natural Ovens.

3. Fact- When I was in second grade I got lost after a local play. I walked from Naperville to Glen Ellen. I finally decided to ask for help when it got dark.

4. Fact- I wear a size 8-9 shoe, but I am only 5'3''.

5. Habit- I tend to leave longer than necessary voice mails.

6. Fact- Numerous strangers have told me I look like Jennifer Aniston (I'll take it!)

7. Habit- Thai food, once a week is a must.

8. Fact- I've never had a cavity. Accept for ONE time I went to a new dentist and he tried to scam me and said I had 5 that needed to be filled right away. That was the end of that dentist.

I Tag (and re-tag), I need more blogger friends!!

Eric O.
Steve Luce (your name is on the blog! You have to post too)
Ali O , Annie J and Annie H- to make a blog because I know you read them all the time anyway.


melissa said...

you crack me up. you walked from naperville to glen ellyn? hysterical. i love you, jennifer aniston!

Sabai said...

that would ruin the whole non-eric thing i have going on over there. so, here's mine. (i had to do this for work for last year's christmas party, so i already have a list prepared)

Interesting Eric O. Facts:

1) Drove over 6,000 miles in two weeks nearly solely to visit the In’ N Out Burger mentioned in The Big Lebowski

2) my family is associated with a rebel group currently trying to overthrow the Mexican government

3)Andre Dawson once growled at me

4) In 4th grade, went trick or treating dressed as a girl, and nearly every house asked me why I wasn’t wearing a costume

5) Future wife ran away from me before I could begin my proposal (there's a better story to that)

alright, that's all i got. thanks for the tag!

Katie Scott said...

Hey Stacy! How've you been?!