Wednesday, August 1, 2007

just because

I have nothing too exciting to post about today. It has been a calm week for us, which has been nice. Probably because we are finally being forced to be calm. Jon has strep. Yuck, poor guy. I have had some sort of little bug for quite some time now..but just as I am starting to get over it, Jon has strep. So without my partner for fun and games, I must also rest. We have been going like mad this summer. Now some of you may say, what else is new? You always go like mad. But let me tell you, I actually feel like I have my life back!

I have always survived best living a full life with lots of activity and people. However, sometimes I get lazy and allow myself to forget this. For a long time I was in a "tweener" stage. Caught in between odd jobs, classes, no car, living "far" from people. The spring brought on a welcomed change of having a more set schedule and the ability to make plans. Another welcome change ,which I have mentioned in past blogs, we both began doing things we truly loved and actually don't mind putting in extra hours. These changes= busy times, no weekends free, and being tired. A good tired though. A kind of- mmm hmm, I have been doing a lot lately. Wow, I have seen a lot of people lately, Hmm been invested in a lot lately.... better make sure I am not spreading myself too thin as I have in the past. During these times it is easy to forget to spend quality time with God, with your spouse, or for me- not allowing myself to mentally relax. I must admit one con of having such a full summer is that we have barely made it to church. I don't like that! But the great thing is, I have seen God in so many other ways, and I know this summer has been revitalizing and inspiring for us each in different ways. Today as I had a quiet day I was reminded of the importance of prayer and solitude with God. Without that, none of this other stuff matters and it just uses up the wrong kind of energy!

I also will take the time to add here how much I love blogging and bloggingish things for the sheer fact it helps people keep up with each other! My dear friend from out west left me a message last night saying she has been following my life online (hi!). Now in some ways, this is sad- it allows us to not personally communicate. In better ways, we aren't great at calling each other frequently anyhow- so at least we can keep up on each others lives. I love that.

Anyway, so here is a post not posting about something we did this past weekend. Instead it is about just being and taking some time to breathe.


melissa said...

thanks for the reminder. love you, and hope jonny is feeling better soon!

Liz said...

great thoughts Stacy - I love your reflections and how you post them! Glad you liked our lullaby cd post too - we'll save you a reserve copy for your brood someday down the road. :) and yes to we need to hang out - you guys should come for dinner some night! ps - i just got a google account to post this comment! :)