Wednesday, July 4, 2007

This is what we do to celebrate America- Parades and Fire

Well we have had an interesting day. Started off with the Des Plaines Parade where we represented Children's Hope. I am not going to lie, Jon sort of got suckered in on this one! It was a fun morning though. Really great to meet so many adopted kids and families, and again so confirming of the work I am doing. I do love it!
Peter was a star and quite a good sport! I think he may be the new mascot. We were very proud of his parade performance. He was very tolerant of many small children, lots of noise, and hung out for about 4 hours in Chicago humidity. OK, he's not a real child....but we don't have one, so we can be proud of our dog.......I know..we're goofs! BUT everyone LOVED him!

Then Jon felt sick........ then I felt sick...... (hmm... Oh well!) Here's to hoping that was a fluke as we are going out of town tomorrow......(P.S. posts will be slow for a bit!)

Then at about 9:30 p.m. we took a walk and were delighted to find we actually didn't miss out on fireworks. Turns out our local park has an "underground" display of its own. I must admit, at times I said we're leaving right now before we catch fire and die. But then again, I was intrigued, and it was actually quite a good display. Much more fun to watch than any city fireworks show. Probably because it was devious and we were amazed by the mass quantity of people that had gathered to show off what they had bought out of state. Apparently, we discovered a local tradition on accident! I kid you not, the bleachers were full! We sat for about 45 minutes amazed at how people get away with such illegal things in mass quantity- no one stopped it. I insisted we leave after we had seen a bit of a show in order to spare our arms, legs, and liability

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