Monday, July 23, 2007

Doggy Date

Peter Peterson
Wrigley Jennings

Peter got to meet his friend Wrigley this weekend. Peter loves this little guy! They wear each other out and of course we like getting to see K.J. and Mike. It was a great distraction from a weekend of working on papers. Which I am still working on- almost done!

Getting these two to pose for a picture was pretty much impossible. Just like toddlers. And yes- Wrigley is chewing Peter's head. All puppies love to chew on him cause he just lies there like a fool!


Anonymous said...

I love it!! We had a great time with you yesterday! We were so thankful this morning to have finally gotten a full night's rest since Wrigley was completely wiped out from his play date. Let's do it again soon...PLEASE!

melissa said...

boo....wish i had a dog so i could join the club! :(