Saturday, January 31, 2015

Three years ago

Three years ago, our first baby boy was born.  He passed away three days later.  

Three years ago, if you would have told me I would have a healthy 2 year old boy AND be 30 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl..... I would have said, "No Way! " I would have said, "I won't be ready for that!" or, "Well, that would be a miracle!" Here I am.

Take it one step further, now tell me, "And you will be working in a hospital to support parents who are going through the same type of loss."

With each year that passes and we don't have our son Drake, I feel that our story grows bigger and grows stronger.  

Many of you know I was hired by our local hospital a few months ago to provide some extra coverage in their social work/counseling department. Well, I just officially accepted a part-time position to continue my work there. The timing of this blows me away. Why?  Well, it happened a few days before what would have been Drake's 3rd Birthday. I was hired to cover Pediatrics, the NICU, and Mother infant. Here is a part of my job description, word for word:

Provide medical crisis counseling and emotional support to patients, families and staff around psychosocial stressors, adjustment to illness, end-of-life, grief, and bereavement issues. 

I feel God's hand guiding me and using me for His work. I have never felt this with such clarity. Of course he wants me to do this, I have the professional skills, training and I have lived it.

Another area I have been reflecting on is how lucky I am to be alive and healthy. Now that I have had years and distance to separate myself from the immediate experience  of losing Drake, I can reflect on things with even more clarity. One of the things that has hit me recently is how sick I actually I was. I was hospitalized for three weeks for severe preecclampsia. That is serious business! If I had not lived in an area with established high risk medical care, I may have died. Many women around the world still die from preeclampsia. Jon could have lost his wife and his baby. One example, we recently heard a speaker who represents a fabulous program, Covenant Kids Congo. He shared that in the DR Congo, many women and their babies die on a daily basis from Complications of childbirth.

Drake passed away from a heart condition, cardiomyopathy. There are many children and families who are impacted by this condition. If our story moves you, please consider donating to or

WE are doing very well and we are forever grateful. 
P.S. I have not left my other job. I am still working for Angels Foster Care too!

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