Sunday, September 1, 2013

We're going to be in a book!

One of our Pastors (and friends) recently completed writing a book! It is not her first book, but we think it will be the most special :) It is called, "Finding your Faith in the Dark" and it is being published by Zondervan. Due to come out summer of 2014. We are so proud of her, and so honored to be a part of her book! She has been such a support to us along our journey, and reminded us of the importance of telling your story. Even when you don't feel like telling it, sometimes it needs to be told. You can follow her blog at or follow her on Twitter at @lauriepshort. It's the least we can do to support her and spread the word! Of course, you will be hearing more about it from us when it actually comes out. On that note, of "sharing your story".....I've recently been struggling with how to honor Drake's memory and how much to share about our continued walk with grief. These are two separate tasks. The first is deeply personal, how do we choose to keep Drake's memory alive and honored within our family and within our hearts? We are finding ways, it will be an ongoing process and evolve over the years. A few things I know for sure: We will always have a photo of Drake in our home. We will always acknowledge his birthday and day of death in some manner. We will also tell all of our children his story openly, honestly, and early on in an age appropriate fashion. It will never be a secret or a surprise. I also never want to stop sharing, or stop being open to walking with others who are going through grief. Sharing is integral part of healing, and it is also a way to give back. Like I said, that is one of the lesson's I have learned through our loss. Whenever I share in writing, it is never for the purpose of drawing attention. In fact, those of you who know me well, know I am insecure about drawing attention to myself and strongly dislike public attention. I share for two reasons. Reason number one, because it therapeutic for me to release it in this way. Grief is an ongoing process, and our grief is not over. It is less painful and comes in shorter spurts as time passes, but it is not over. Reason number two, the more important reason, is because it may contribute to greater good and benefit others. Walking through grief alone is NOT a good idea. I know this professionally, and I know this personally. One of the best coping mechanisms for grief is to walk with others. Some people do this on the internet, so I want to be a resource for anyone out there who may connect to our journey. So, my sharing about Drake and our story is not over. You can expect to continue to hear about it, like it or not.

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diana said...

Thank you so much for this vulnerable post, Stacy. May you continue to both find blessing and offer it as you process your story and the gift of Drake in your life. I look forward to reading Laurie's book!