Sunday, June 2, 2013

Behind on Blogging

Blogs that have been written in my head, but not yet made it to print:

1) Jaxon's Newborn days and the NEW dance of Joy & Grief

2) C-Section Recovery --- The Forgotten Labor Experience/Major Surgery

3) Adjusting to BRINGING HOME a Newborn

4) Jaxon's Cuteness

5) Body Image Woes

6) Going back to work

7) Fun visitors

8) Unexpected Grief creeping back up

9) Beyond the Newborn Phase

10) Jaxon's cuteness & how much we love him

Also, I never did post the photos from his Newborn Photo Shoot. There were SO many amazing photos! Here are several:

This little peanut is growing fast! More updated photos to come soon! 


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