Thursday, February 23, 2012

Precious Cards

We received a package in the mail from my home church back in Illinois. Naperville Covenant is the church I grew up in, and where my parents still attend. Even though it is not the church where Jon and I attended once we were married, they are a church family that will always be close to our hearts, and they are filled with generosity. The package was a large envelope filled with cards from the children there. I could barely get through the note from the Director of Children's Ministry, total tear jerker. She wrote,
"The Sunday after Drake passed I shared your story with the children. We talked about the happy things that had happened that week (Drake's birth and being with a family that loved him so much) and the sad (that Drake couldn't be with his family for long and that his family is very sad and misses him very much.) We looked at Romans 12:15 and talked about how we could be happy and sad with you. The result of that talk are these honest and beautiful cards that I hope will bless your hearts."

Below are a few of the cards from the package. There were many more, and they were all so sweet. Nothing quite as special as the faith and genuine love children show us.


melanie said...

For at least a week after Drake's passing, Tate prayed (at supper) that God would bring him back to life.

(I can't really think of what else to say about that, but I just wanted to let you know that we all have been praying for you all throughout this arduous journey.)

Ann-Marie said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. The three cards you shared brought tears to my eyes. Such sweet sentiments. We continue to pray for you.