Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peterson Casa de Chicago

"Man" time..
This was probably our last time hosting in Chicago at our place, which still seems so un-real! I was really, really, sad when the night was over. But we had a great time welcoming our out of town friends... Bethanie & Jeff along with kiddos Halli & Miles (uh, uh, hem...they happen to live in Califronia, yeah!!) and Lisa & Joel with dear little man Isaiah ( they live in Colorado so they are going to be equi-distance, phew!) The rest of you I just can't deal with realizing we are leaving you, so take that lack of explaining your presence here as a compliment!

My camera was also lost/maybe stolen this weekend, so I am stealing my wonderful friend Greta's photos! Thanks!

I guess we do have decent outdoor space..

Below: Bethanie, Miles, Me, Lisa

Isaiah: Halli, let me in ...please!

Our friend's make pretty cute kids.. and they are already pushing for them to be sweethearts. I must admit, they would be a super cute couple! And, look, she is already dying to run her fingers through that hair!!!