Friday, May 22, 2009

Get up offa that thing!

So I received a reminder email today from "13.1 Marathon Chicago" that was titled, Only 18 days left!. Maybe that was supposed to be exciting or encouraging, but to me it meant (for lack of a better way to put it), Oh crap......

Haven't really been running much more than 4-6 miles a few times a week. So I am very behind training wise.

Anyway, I am signed up and I will be at the start line on June 7th. All I can do is move forward from where I am now. So here is my request from my faithful friends and blog readers-

What songs inspire you to move? I am working on putting together an official "Stacy 2009 Run Mix" that will need to be about 2 hours long. I usually don't train with music, because running is a time for me to clear my head and process thoughts and feelings. However, this time I need that extra "umph" to keep me goin! So please share with me, whether you run/work out or not.. I have shared on of my favorites, now your turn:

What songs inspire you to get up and make your body move?


Mr. Puggle said...

it's my life by talk talk
clocks by cold play
get what you give by new radicals
revelation by third day
running to stand still and pride by U2
radio free europe by REM
boys don't cry by the cure
Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

The Russell Family said...

I can't believe the marathon is right around the corner! You will do awesome. Bring some sexy back with JT... that will get you movin. haha

Lori Plucker said...

Tender Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant always gets my blood pumping!!! I really like working out to Britney Spears (I know, so bad)

Mama Blogger said...

Shackles by Mary Mary
anything by Amr Diab (or any other Egyptian dance music)
Black or White by Michael Jackson
SALSA MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!