Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Wedding! The past few weeks flew by with lots of fun, family, and hustle bustle- here are just a few pics of all the events!

Christmas #1 - Dolans

And #2- Petersons...they out number Dolans by far!

Happy New Year!


Congrats Greta & Scott!
Below: Instead of clanging glasses for the bride and groom to kiss, they requested that people sang a song with the word love in it. Here we are preforming "Love" Frank Sinatra style complete with motions...

That baby better like to dance! Annie is in her 8th month, but that didn't stop her!

And now, life is back to normal. Although we had a lot of fun, it is actually quite nice to be back to a normal routine.

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andrea said...

looks like you two had a fun holiday season! love that first pic of you guys, it's great!!

love you!