Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here we go....

I was thinking of all the ways you say "Good Luck" and the saying "Break a leg!" came to mind. I had to laugh, because I am slightly worried I just may break my leg, fall on my face, or pass out tomorrow!

I have been feeling slightly under the weather. Not bad enough that it would hold me back from anything at any other time. But it makes me nervous - when I went for my last easy 3 mile run yesterday, my chest felt heavy and I was quickly exhausted. I am feeling OK today- I slept in, even though I told myself not to do that. Because now I probably won't be able to fall asleep tonight! I started to force myself to get up early, but Jon pointed out if you can sleep well now, then just keep sleeping. Probably good advice since I needed some rest.

Anyway, enough of the rambling! We are headed to pick up our race packets. In about 24 hours, hopefully we will be close to 23 miles or so. At this point, I am just hoping it isn't an absolutely horrible experience and I actually leave feeling like I accomplished something.

That being said, this really shouldn't be about me or about the race. As I am running, I assure I will be thinking about what inspired us to finally sign up to run this marathon:

Over 143 million children are living without adequate medical care, nutrition and shelter. Most of these children can never be adopted. They are destined to live in orphanages or on the street. Explore this site to discover how you can sponsor a particular child or support a project for the benefit of many children. YOU can bring homes, health and hope to children in need.


Sabai said...

good luck to you both! so excited to hear about it!

The Ferwerda Family said...

Good luck, Stacy and Jon!!! Hope it goes great - we'll be praying for you and anxious to hear how it goes:)