Thursday, July 31, 2008

As summer flys by...

Sorry its been awhile since the last post. I have been adjusting to my new job! So far it has been great.

Here are a few of the awesome perks: I love my co-workers, the office is only 6 miles away from home, our department (which is only 4 people) has our own building, this building used to be a small school and comes complete with a giant fenced in yard, there is no dress code, I can work from home, I can expense items such as paper, ink, etc. when working from home, I set my own hours, and of course- the biggie- it allows me to continue doing what I love -providing social work services to adoptive families. Oh yeah, and I get paid to do this!

The negative: It is going to quickly turn into a 40 hour + work week as I get further into my rather large caseload. Of course, no organization is perfect and it takes some getting used to working in a new place. BUT all in all, I feel so blessed!!

On another note- these photos are from last weekend. We had a great time at Ravinia, Hootie and the Blowfish played. Hey, they aren't my favorite band or anything, but it doesn't really matter who plays at Ravinia- it is always fun! Then we headed up to Sawyer, Michigan to hang out with some of our friends who have summer cottages. It was wonderful to be with good friends and relax.
Rachel & Branden on the Ravinia Bus
Self portrait of Stacy & Jonny
Gearing up to Kayak on the rough waves of Lake Michigan

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Mama Blogger said...

Hey--I would take Hootie too just because I've never been to Ravinia! Actually I used to really love them. You look so cute in your pictures! I missed you on Sunday, I hope you get some rest and get adjusted to working full time. It's awesome to hear about your new job, I'm so glad you're there. :)