Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i still don't like needles

For all you who know me even remotely well, you know needles are not my strength. Well, I thought I was "growing up" a little bit, but I guess not. I still can't handle it. This morning Jon and I went in for round one of our vaccines for Ethiopia. On the way there Jon asked if I was doing OK. I said, "Yes, this isn't like getting blood taken. It is just shots, I won't pass out or go into hysterics. It doesn't mean I like it, and yes my stomach hurts a little, but I will be OK." 

Ha ha. 

And the condensed version goes-
*After 2 shots*
Nurse: "Are you OK?"
Me: "Yeah.. I think so, I am fine.." 
Minutes later my husband tries to get moving: "See no big deal.Good job. Can you stand up?"
 I walk into the lobby- 
Me: "Did this shot go into my muscle? It really hurts.. I can feel it now...."
Nurse looks up: "Oh umm go sick back down.....Oh...OK you're OK. Here you go, just put your head between your legs."

In sum: Jon was late for work because "My wife doesn't respond well to needles and I need to make sure she has recovered from her shots." God bless him. 

Anyway. I was actually more frustrated today than anything. Why am I such a weirdo?? This past year several people in my life have gone through major surgeries, cancer, intense and scary childbirth situations, and other overwhelming medical situations. It makes me feel so ridiculous when I can't even handle a few shots! I feel so blessed to be healthy and can't imagine going through what others have endured. I have so much respect for these folks and admire their strength. I am confident God gives people the strength they need to get through situations whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. I trust that it would be the same for me, somehow I would get through- even if I can't handle a few measly shots!

 Oh well, in the meantime I guess it was wishful thinking that I would get over this. It is just one (among many) of my body's funny little quirks. I used to think it was a phobia but don't know anymore, because I was actually much calmer today. But like I said- it was "just a shot". 

We'll see what happens when I get get to go back for more in a couple weeks....

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Ry, Ab, & Griff said...

Don't worry Stace....everyone has to have "something":)! I get woosie after hearing any kind of medical chit chat! LOOOOOVE you so much...hear the boys are getting together this week......Britt called and wants to get together with you & me before she leaves the country! We should talk! I will be in NE this weekend but let's connect after that!